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In a world with so many amazing technologies and social media platforms, we are finding that the best connections still come in real life.

What started as a conversation between like-minded women, grew into a beautiful friendship and created a movement to help others learn how to push back against the digital tide of social media — learning to control it so that it does not control us.



Hello! I’m Jesika, lover of flowers, morning runs, reading, sunshine, and anything that has to do with Mr. Harmon. I live with five amazing kids who call me mom, and who teach me way more than I teach them. Together we love reading good books, dancing in the kitchen while making yummy food, and anything outdoors (they may beg to differ on the yard work bit, but I claim that someday they will love it!).

I am so passionate about this movement because at the end of the day if we are so distracted by everything technology offers, we can't hear God. I have seen that when I put technology in its proper time and place and deliberately choose to live in REAL life, I have space for inspiration, peace, creativity, real relationships, and true happiness. Real life can be so amazing! I just wish we could sit across from each other and swap stories because I know we would have so many shared feelings and experiences. At least we can virtually link arms and spread this movement!


Hey Friends! I'm Hillary. I'm your everyday girl, in the thick of motherhood and living in my car most days. I call sunny Arizona home and I'm supported by a loving husband/best friend and my favorite little people (4 darling girls and 1 energetic boy!) I love being a mom and nothing brings me more joy. I believe they are my greatest work.
I'm a lover of  all things peanut butter, freshly painted toenails, anything black and white, road trips with my kids, and would rollerblade my way through life if I could!

Though my challenge is often caring too much, I am eternally grateful for the big heart that God gave me because it has allowed me a glimpse of the love God has for his children. As one of the founders of The New Norm, I am passionate about connection, because oh how we need each other! I find my best connections happen in the simple, unplanned moments of my day.

I believe God is in the details of our lives and as we keep eyes to see, ears to hear, and a heart to understand, He is there!  So happy you're here! XO  




Oh hi! I'm Cherie, a photographer and designer, but most importantly, wife to my happy and high-fiving husband, Jeff, and mom to four fantastic children. I fell in love with photography at a young age and continue to fuel my passion in seeking light, adventure and magic in the ordinary moments of life. One of my biggest joys is connecting with people and helping them see their true beauty. Vincent Van Gogh said it best, "I feel there is nothing more artistic than loving people."

A few things you should know about me...I love donuts, secretly wish I had a British accent, & recently conquered a life-long fear by learning to swim! This was big, friends, really big! 

I'm grateful to be part of The New Norm with these two amazing women. I firmly believe that we can use technology for good — to uplift, inspire and share truth.