When technology is put in its proper place, we can regain our relationships, our health, and our time.

Join us in creating the New Norm

 A norm where we live in real life; where we focus on REAL connection, REAL relationships, and REAL happiness.



Knowledge is power. The tech industry has figured out how to hack our brains through devices and apps, causing a public health crisis. But by educating ourselves we gain the power to act and not be acted upon. 



Technology can be an incredible tool in your life, when it is put in its proper place. Find resources to empower you and your family to live in real life, and reclaim your relationships, your time, and your health.   


Your voice matters! Join with hundreds and thousands of people of all ages, young and old, who recognize the need to live in real life. Join the Movement! We need YOU to help create a new norm!

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your story

Whether you are young or old, you have a story that needs to be heard. As you share it, it gives power to others who are having similar struggles and helps unite us in knowing we are not alone.



What started as a Thanksgiving hike became a movement to help parents push back against the digital tide of social media and learn how to control it so that it does not damage their children or their families.

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