Therapy Thought

At our clinic we met a girl who, having her phone taken away as a punishment, decided that she would rather die than live without her phone, and decided to take an entire bottle of Tylenol.... she is now on the liver transplant list and in extensive therapy.

We have seen an increase of children of all different walks of life develop severe anxiety. We have seen an increase in depression and severe OCD behaviors. We see these stem from phones (text messages) and social media. We have seen kids actually go through symptoms of withdrawal after parents have intervened and taken away their "link to the outside." We see changes in behavior, increased emotional outbursts, change in appetite, and insomnia. In some cases we have seen kids runaway so they can find a way to "feed" their addiction. But, in other cases, we have seen a great improvement with kids who are not permitted to go on social media as a treatment for a social media addiction and actually engage in the "real world.” They become more aware of what’s going on around them and tend to actually develop confidence in who they are.